Frequently Asked Questions

Laundry Services

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What laundry services do you provide?
Where are the locations that you provide service to ?
Who handles my laundry?
Can I sign up for Wash-Dry-Fold Service in your store?
How do I sign up for free Pickup & Delivery for my home or business?
What do I put my dirty laundry items in?
What times do you pickup and deliver?
For pickup and delivery, do I have to be at my home or business?
How much does Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service cost?
Why is there a minimum order requirement?
Ok, how much laundry do I have?
For Pickup & Delivery, does the pricing go up if I live further away?
What is the turn-around time on laundry orders?
For Pickup & Delivery, How do I pay?
Can I manage my Pickup & Delivery orders online?
Do you provide dry cleaning services?
What if there is a problem with my order?

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